About Our Major

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Student Designed Major enables any undergraduate student to pursue an interdisciplinary theme of study he or she has devised in substitution for the traditional major. Each student works with two faculty advisors who assist in constructing a program of coursework that will meet the student's objectives. This program affords students the opportunity to pursue topics of study tailored to meet their individual interests and needs.

Graduates will benefit by pursuing a major that develops awareness of the interrelatedness and wholeness of knowledge. This program enables students to integrate knowledge focusing on both contemporary and lasting human issues and problems. Students will develop both theoretical and practical approaches to topics. This major will provide the groundwork for students who aspire to useful careers in such important fields as urban affairs, business relations, environmental protection, human development and international relations.

Program quality is extremely high owing to the concentration of upper-level courses, close collaboration between student and advisors, the support of the IDS Student Designed Major contact person and Committee, and a rigorous senior thesis. Interdisciplinary Studies students are among the brightest and most creative in the university. From fiscal year 1997 through 2005, graduate GPAs ranged between 3.21 and 3.33, impressive given the demanding course load. IDS Student Designed Major graduates tend to pursue graduate studies or work in fields directly related to their courses of studies. Graduation rates are exceptional.

The Interdisciplinary Studies program serves local, regional, and national markets. Students who don’t find the traditional majors suitable to their needs, seek information about professional opportunities that likely exist for them in the larger community. Contacts with local, regional, or national professionals provide students with focused plans of study, many of which include an internship as a practical aspect of the degree program.