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New Programs: Respond to Emerging Needs

Call for Innovation

Propose new graduate and undergraduate degree programs, certificates, endorsements, professional development opportunities, or other types of programs to serve traditional learners or new populations of students, which respond to current and emerging social, cultural, and economic contexts.


  • College graduates must be able to adapt to the inevitable economic, political, cultural, technological, scientific, environmental and demographic shifts of our changing world.
  • The shift to a knowledge-based economy is a major factor in the growing demand for graduate degrees that lead to advanced and integrated knowledge, dispositions, and skills.
  • The 21st century global economy is driving the creation of increasingly more jobs that require a breadth of competencies and integration of knowledge across multiple disciplines.
  • The knowledge base, transferable skills, and interpersonal attributes associated with success in many professional fields is rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly more interdisciplinary.

Examples of Opportunities

  • Interdisciplinary and inter-professional programs—Students preparing for careers in all areas of study, including creative and performing arts, business, humanities and social sciences, health and the sciences, must integrate perspectives from multiple disciplines into their area of focus.
  • Programs addressing diverse, global perspectives in a field of study—In an age of increasing interconnectedness and global competition, many fields require not only knowledge of a global landscape, but also the skills to engage its diversity of people and cultures.
  • Programs that prepare students to understand and respond to natural disasters—In the past five years alone, natural disasters have had devastating economic, social, psychological and health effects on individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities.
  • Programs addressing mental and physical health and wellness—Significant mental health issues are emerging for certain segments of the population, such as bullying among teens; higher suicide rates for baby boomers, veterans, and LGBT teens; and quality of care issues for children and older adults, just to name a few.
  • Programs addressing sustainability—The broad concept of sustainability is relevant in practically every field of study. How do we prepare students to create and maintain environments that sustainably support social, economic, and environmental well-being now and in the future?
  • Programs addressing technology and information management—The current environment of rapid technological change and proliferating information resources requires increasing ability to recognize the need for information and to locate, create, evaluate, and apply it.


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