IM&T Project Portfolio

Portfolio Management

  • The IM&T Project Portfolio can also be accessed from the IM&T Website:
  • The IM&T Senior Leadership team serves as the Project Management Office (PMO) to prioritize and categorize approved projects and to manage resource allocations.
  • Projects are categorized as pending, active, on-hold or complete

Project Types

  • Campus – Any project that was vetted and approved through the formal IM&T Project Process
  • Capital Request– Any project that was vetted and approved through the UNC Capital Request Process which requires substantial IM&T project resources
  • Operational – Any internal IM&T project vetted and approved through IM&T PMO which requires no external funding
  • Pre-Approved – Any external project vetted and approved through IM&T PMO which requires substantial IM&T project resources and no central funding i.e. Grants, RFPs, etc.


FY19 Project Request

The IM&T Project Request process is open for FY19.  We are adjusting the project process to be more agile and respond to campus requests throughout the year.  There are a few items you should be aware of.

  • A formal IM&T project is required when central funds are needed for technology, IM&T staffing resources are needed to implement a solution, or an exchange of data with systems or vendors is required.
  • In order to submit your project, please complete the following request:  Once submitted IM&T will assist you through all required steps.
  • The project process will be open throughout the year.  If funding is required project requests must be submitted before November 3, 2017.
  • If projects do not get funding or IM&T staffing is not allocated they will be scored and placed in a backlog until resources are available to implement.
  • Approved projects can be found here and do not need to be resubmitted.
  • If you submitted projects in previous years that were not approved, you will need to resubmit them.
  • All project requests should be vetted with appropriate supervisory level to ensure priority. 
  • This process will run in parallel with the Facilities capital request process for FY19.  You do not need to submit your project through both of these requests process.  Please use this IM&T Project Request process if your need is related to software purchase, development of systems, or implementation of a product or solution. Please contact either Bret Naber or Kirk Leichliter for guidance on which request process to use.  It is important that all project requests be submitted whether you have internal funding, potential donor funding, grant funding or are requesting central UNC funding, in order to evaluate projects as part of the overall planning process for the University.  Additionally, this year we are asking that you include any future year projects that you may be considering.

The project request process exists to help the University plan and prioritize major Information Management and Technology initiatives. Projects will be evaluated and accepted based on their alignment with the University’s nine core plans.  For more information about IM&T projects and approvals please visit:

FY19 Project Process