A Woman Like That

February 16 (Thursday)
a woman like that
(United States, 2012, 93 min.)

Filmmaker Ellen Weissbrod merges her own coming of middle-age story with her pursuit of the truths behind the legends of 17th Century female painter Artemisia Gentileschi's provocative work and dramatic life. This unconventional but heartfelt hunt upends typical artist biographies and delivers instead a funny, engaging and all together different kind of documentary. 'a woman like that' is a freewheeling tribute to an artist whose own bold life and inspiring message leaps across centuries to speak to us all. The enduring power of storytelling - in paintings, in films and in our lives is revealed, as the filmmaker learns that who gets to tell the story matters, and that maybe she too, can be 'a woman like that.'  In conjunction with the Life of the Mind Program, the UNC International Film Series is pleased to announce that director/producer/writer Ellen Weissbrod will be speaking before the screenings of this film.