*Come to our special viewing of the 2014 Academy Award Nominees for Best Short Films on February 26 or 27 and vote on which shorts you think will win the Oscars! Whoever guesses correctly will win a prize!*

The International Film Series at the University of Northern Colorado was established in 1973 as a faculty initiative with volunteer student support. While the series is spearheaded by student volunteers and staff, faculty and staff from the English Department's Film Studies program provide the leadership and adminstrative support for the series. The International Film Series is supported with student fees allocated by the Student Senate. The International Film Series is made possible by the many faculty, staff, and students from across campus who volunteer their time out of a common desire to show important international films to UNC students and members of the Greeley community.

The IFS is also planning special events and screenings for Spring 2014. If you work with a student organization that would like to co-sponsor a future IFS film screening, or if you'd like to become involved in planning future incarnations of the series, please contact Karen Olide for more information.

IFS General Information

The International Film Series is a volunteer effort. If you would like to help out, e-mail us or contact Cody Shaffer at 351-2956.

If you would like to learn more about film studies, visit the Film Studies web site and find out about film courses, faculty, and the Film Studies Minor at UNC.