Post Mortem

September 26-27
Post Mortem (Chile, 2010, 98 min.)
Winner of the Golden India Catalina for Best Film award at the 2011 Cartagena Film Festival and Grand Coral-Second Prize for Best Film Award at the 2010 Havana Film Festival, Post Mortem, directed and written by Pablo Larraín, takes place in 1973 Chile during the last days of Salvador Allende’s presidency.  Mario (Alfredo Castro), a typist at a morgue, falls for his burlesque dancing neighbor Nancy (Antonia Zegers), whose brother and father are Allende supporters and communists.  Soon, Mario discovers Nancy’s disappearance and her family’s arrest.  Embarking on a journey to uncover Nancy’s whereabouts, Mario begins to understand the grim deeds the Chilean Congress were keen to execute in order to see Allende removed from office.  Larraín and Castro (Tony Manero) reunite in a film laced with the macabre and tension intermingled with the death of a nation and unrequited love.