Forgiveness of Blood

October 17-18
The Forgiveness of Blood
(Albania, 2011, 109 min.)
In a remote area of Albania, where the ancient ways of life never truly departed, a family is torn asunder by the revival of the Albanian practice of Gjakmarrja or Hakmarrja. Translated “blood-taking” or “revenge” in English, Gjakmarrja requires the preservation of family honor through the act of killing.  The father and uncle of Nik (Tristan Halilaj) and Rudina (Sindi Lacej), the oldest son and daughter, are involved in the murder of a neighbor over a land dispute that involves their bread delivery service.  A blood feud ensues that tears Nik and Rudina from their innocent lives and thrusts them into the world of adult revenge.  Winner of the Silver Hugo Award for Best Screenplay at the 2011 Chicago International Film Festival and of the Silver Berlin Bear for Best Screenplay at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival, director Joshua Marston weaves a tale of fear, honor, and an ancient code of laws.