November 2-3
Zeitgeist: Addendum
(United States, 2008, 123 min.)

A revolutionary solution during a global monetary crisis, Zeitgeist: Addendum may be the answer to the world’s pending debit and unemployment rates. Created by Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist mixes current economic downturns with the latest scientific exploration. The film examines earth’s dependence on carbon based energy and mechanization, all of which are creating food and water shortages across the world. Intermingled with interviews from World Bank hit men to revolutionary engineers, Zeitgeist provides real solutions through a resource based economy. Joseph’s integrated approach to a self-sustaining lifestyle are nothing short than an equation for global abundance.  Based on the Venus Project, founded by Jacque Fresco, Zeitgeist asks humanity to recognize the corruption of politics and, instead, work towards a new type of incorporated existence. The pivotal feature of Fresco’s prototypes for the future is their present existence.  All of The Venus Project’s infrastructures are based on resources and technologies that have already been discovered. With a scarily impressive connection between scarcity and democracy, the film’s projections of abundance through self-sustaining efficiency, are paramount. Joseph, Fresco, and a slew of interviews offer a solution in the face of a global financial meltdown; Zeitgeist gives humans a chance to move in a peaceful and self-sustaining existence, free from war, poverty, and extinction.