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The Film Archives offer our patrons and other film buffs a list of the superb international and independent films that the International Film Series has shown at UNC in recent years. Films are recorded in chronological order according to the semester they were shown, and listings include title and country of origin. Click on any semester listed below to see the films that IFS screened that season.

Spring 2016

Film Title Country
The Assassin China
Oscar Shorts Various
Timbuktu France/Mauritania
The Tribe Ukraine
Killing Them Safely USA
The Wonders Italy
In Darkness Poland

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Fall 2015

Film Title Country
Sunshine Superman USA
Mad Max USA
Wild Tales Argentina
The Stanford Prison Experiments USA
It Follows USA
Hanna Ranch USA
A Girl Walks Alone at Night USA


Spring 2015

Film Title Country
Dear White People USA
Boyhood USA
Oscar Shorts Various
The Liberator Venezuela
Horns USA/Canada
The Babadook Australia
Two Days, One Night France
Misa's Fugue USA
The Tale of Princess Kaguya Japan

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Fall 2014

Film Title Country
The Grand Budapest Hotel USA
The Great Beauty/Broken Circle Breakdown Italy/Belgium
Uranium Drive-In USA
Mama/Oculus Spain/USA
Ghosts of the West USA
The Signal USA

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Spring 2014

Film Title Country
Fast and Furious 6 USA
Oscar Shorts Various
Rudo y Cursi Mexico
The Intouchables France
Ghosts in our Machine USA
Amelie France
Chasing Rainbows USA
With Impunity USA
Passenger Poland

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Fall 2013

Film Title Country
Honor Flight USA
Blancanieves Spain
Amour France
Sin by Silence USA
Pan's Labyrinth Mexico
The Devil's Backbone Mexico
Moonrise Kingdom USA

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Spring 2013

Film Title Country
Beloved France
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Sweden
The Impossible USA
Saving Face Pakistan
Wallace and Gromit Britain
Headhunters Norway
Rocky Horror Picture Show USA
Hellgate Thailand
My Best Enemy Austria
The Last Flight of Petr Ginz USA

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Fall 2012

Film Title Country
Earth Made of Glass USA
Post Mortem Chile
Turin Horse Hungary
A Better Life USA
The Forgiveness of Blood Albania
Footnote Israel
Orphanage Spain
Gasland USA
Chicago (1927) USA

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Spring 2012

Film Title Country
Melancholia Denmark
Romantics Anonymous France
a woman like that United States
Oscar Nominated Shorts/Rob Walker Shorts Various
The Swell Season United States
Price of Sex United States
MicMacs France
Le Havre Finland
Gen Silent United States
The Illusionist France
Korkoro France
Circumstance France

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Fall 2011

Film Title Country
Ajami Israel
The White Ribbon Austria
Biutiful France
The Imperialists are Still Alive! United States
Beginners United States
Lunafest United States
Kwaidan Japan
Peeping Tom United States
Zeitgeist: Addendum United States

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Spring 2011

Film Title Country
A Woman, A Gun, and a Noodle Shop China
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives Thailand
The Girl Who Played with Fire Sweden
The Cartel USA
Restrepo USA
Big Fish USA
The Map of Sex and Love China
Bauhinia China
Twilight USA
A Prophet Belgium
Undertow Peru
La Danse France
The Red Shoes UK
The Last Days USA

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Fall 2010

Film Title Country
Zombieland USA
Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing USA
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sweden
Vincere Italy/France
Antichrist Denmark
The Warlords/Tou ming zhuang Hong Kong/China
Dead Snow Norway
Persepolis France
House Japan
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans USA
Fish Tank UK/Netherlands
Crossing Borders Morocco
She's a Boy I Knew USA

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