Advertising Opportunities

Advertising slides

The International Film Series runs advertising slides 15-30 minutes before each screening of our weekly films.  We provide this service FREE OF CHARGE for all UNC campus academic programs, student services-related programs, and student clubs and organizations.  If you're interested in advertising your unit, there are a few things you should know:

This service is free because we're trying to help promote community on campus.  If we show a slide for your organization, we simply ask that you help promote the International Film Series in some way.

We limit advertising to one 8.5" x 11" MS PowerPoint 2007 slide per organization.

  • If you're thinking of providing a slide that just gives information about your organization, it will appear weekly for the duration of the academic year or until you ask us to take it down.
  • If you're advertising a program or event, we'll keep the slide up through the week of the date of the event.
  • If you're thinking of submitting something which doesn't fit the descriptions above, e-mail us and we'll figure something out that works.
  • If you would like to add or change things on an existing slide, we ask that you simply send us a new one, so we don't accidentally change things in a way you didn't intend.
  • Because the digital projector in the Lindou auditorium can be finicky, we will re-size text and pictures so that everything is visible and legible.  We've not had to drastically change any slides, and we doubt we ever will, but if we run into that problem, we will contact you directly and work out a solution to whatever problem comes up.

Please e-mail the slide, along with information about your organization and any questions you may have to Billy Chadderdon:

Thank you, Billy Chadderdon, Director, International Film Series