March 23-24
Twilight (United States, 2008, 122 min)

Winner of multiple popular movie awards and one of the highest grossing trilogies of all time, Twilight is a romantic tale of two lovers torn by the supernatural. Written by Stephanie Meyer and directed by Catharine Hardwicke, Twilight’s lighting and effects prove to be a beautifully bleak contrast to the drama unfolding between vampires and humans. The two main characters Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) quickly fall into a deep romance in which Edward’s powers are put to the test when Bella’s safety is threatened by a band of Edward’s enemies. Bella and Edward must decide if they can afford to put their lives at risk for the sake of being together. In a thrilling game of lover’s quarrels, bloodshed, and vampires, Twilight pushes the bounds of reality through the bonds of Edward and Bella’s love.