The Last Days

The Last Days (United States, 1998, 87 min)

Winner of the 1998 best documentary, The Last Days is a heartbreaking and inspiring look at the Holocaust through interviews with survivors. Developed from a seven-hour documentary series, The Last Days is a condensed version focusing on five Hungarian Jews who were liberated during the stages of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ in 1945. Working with the Shoah Visual History Foundation, The Last Days presents an intense and at times frightening retelling of Nazi violence. With executive director and founder of the Shoah Foundation, Steven Spielberg, director James Moll allows each survivor’s story to become a journey. In revisiting Auschwitz and Berkenow, the film foregrounds the tragedy inside the concentration camps, leaving each survivor story much more miraculous. From diamonds to bathing suits to bananas, their tales are testament to the human spirit and its ability to overcome the impossible.   In conjunction with this film, the Kress Cinema will be presenting A Film UnfinishedPlease visit their website: for more details.