March 9 (7 pm only)
Bauhinia (China, 2002, 50 min)

Following the aftermath of 9/11, Bauhinia takes a closer look at the devastation of New York from the edge of ground zero. Bauhinia, played by Jun Li, examines the smoldering remains from her apartment window, while contemplating the new life growing inside of her. A film student capturing shots of the World Trade Center ruins, Bauhinia is overcome by the news that she is pregnant with her boyfriend Jack’s (Shing Ka) baby and, hence, struggles with the idea of abortion. Written and directed by Evans Chan, the film registers the tragedy of 9/11 through the lens of Bauhinia’s personal tribulations. In conjunction with the Schulze Speaker Series, the International Film Series is proud to announce that the director of Bauhinia, Evans Chan, will be present to talk about his work after the screening.