A Year Ago in Winter

A Year Ago in Winter/Im Winter ein Jahr (Germany, 2008, 129 mins.): "My brother is dead, and my mother wants to turn him into interior décor," fumes Lilli, the sister of the deceased Alexander in the 2008 German film A Year Ago in Winter (Im Winter ein Jahr) , based on Scott Campbell's novel Aftermath . Set in Munich, A Year Ago in Winter is a story about Elaine (the mother of Lilli and Alexander), who hires a local artist named Max to create a portrait of her children. However, Max must begin to understand the depth, emotion, and reality of Lilli's character to properly convey honesty in his work. Though hesitant, Lilli and Max's relationship begins to shape in such a way that allows his artwork to therapeutically help her deal with her pain. Described by Stephen Holden (of The New York Times ) as "a precisely calibrated and persuasively acted mood piece that doesn't throw you a reassuring lollipop," A Year Ago in Winter moves beyond typical films about the bereaved dealing with a suicide in the family; instead, it morphs into a powerful train ride of emotion one that won't easily be forgotten.

Synopsis by Jerrod Griebel