Pontypool (Canada, 2008, 95 mins.): Shut up or die. Based on the book, Pontypool Changes Everything, by Tony Burgess (who also wrote the screenplay) Pontypool depicts the impact of a deadly virus on a small town in Ontario. On Valentine's Day Grant Mazzy, a local radio talk show host, and his staff find themselves trapped in the town's radio station during a snowstorm. Their traffic reporter, encased in a truck overlooking the town, phones in increasingly horrific eyewitness accounts of a town gone mad: a mob attacks the local doctor's house, while ice fishermen cannibalize police officers. Grant and his staff discover that a virus is spreading through the town, turning the town's residents into flesh-eating zombies, and that the virus spreads through speaking English. Should they stay on the air in hope of rescue, or should they shut down (and up) to avoid spreading the disease? Bruce McDonald (The Tracey Fragments) directs.

Synopsis by Tracey Sedinger