I've Loved You So Long

I've Loved You So Long/Il y a longtemps que je t'aime(France, 2008, 117 mins.): Written and directed by Philippe Claudel, I¹ve Loved You So Long features Kristin Scott Thomas in her most powerful role. Rolling Stone calls the film a "master class in film acting." Thomas plays Juliette Fontaine, who is released after serving fifteen years in prison. Knowing nothing of the circumstances that led to Juliette's incarceration, her younger sister, Léa, has invited her to live with her family, despite her husband¹s concern for his family's safety. As Juliette finds work and struggles to overcome her difficulties in relating to others, Léa uncovers the truth of her sister¹s past; once she confronts her, Juliette finally speaks of her crime and her motivations. The film has been repeatedly called "Chekhovian" in its spare examination of Juliette's tortured emotional life.

Synopsis by Tracey Sedinger