Winged Migration/Le Peuple Migrateur

(France/USA, 2001, 98 mins.) Shot over the course of four years on all seven continents, Winged Migration is French director Jacques Perrin's latest attempt to capture Mother Nature at her finest.  The focus being the birds' annual migratory journey, Perrin and his crew use every resource they can get their hands on, from paragliders and hot air balloons to trucks, motorcycles, motorboats, remote-controlled robots, and even a French Navy warship, to craft this documentary into the poetic tribute to flight itself.  A handful of narrators, Perrin himself stepping in a few times, guide us along as the cameras follow the birds on their immense journey. Only using special effects to craft a few digital skyscapes, the majority of the film is shown as it was shot, the end result being a cinematic triumph.