The Fall

The Fall (India/UK/USA, 2006, 117 mins.) When professional stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) injures himself on the set and is hospitalized, losing him his job and his girlfriend, he quickly sinks into depression, his professional and personal life crumbling before his eyes.  Suicidal and bed-ridden, he sees his way out when he meets a little girl named Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), who has been admitted to the hospital for a broken arm.  He begins to weave a great, adventurous tale of oppression, Bandits, and Charles Darwin, all in order to gain Alexandria's trust.  The tale, seen through Alexandria's vividly imaginative mind, gets progressively darker and grimmer as Roy and Alexandria's visits continue, which would probably be the fault of the morphine Roy has tricked Alexandria into getting for him over the past few days.  As the lines between the real world and the story begin to fade, things are looking more and more gloomy for everyone involved. Winner of Best Cinematography in Austin Film Fest, Nominee in CFCA.