House (Japan, 1977, 88 minutes)
I’m going to start this review with a surprising confession: it is impossible to adequately describe Nobuhiko Obayashi’s cult classic House.  And when I do begin to describe the film, it may seem like I’m heaping on faint praise indeed.  It’s a horror film that completely fails to inspire fear.  Its characters are no more than loosely defined types identified by ridiculous nicknames:  Gorgeous, Kung-fu, Sweetie, Prof, and Fantasy, to name a few.  House contains only the barest sketch of a plot, revolving around a group of uniformed and constantly giggling schoolgirls who head off to an Aunt's remote house to spend summer vacation together.  Its special effects are completely unconvincing and its storyline contains more holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese.  And yet, I cannot recommend this film highly enough.  Described by Janus films as a bizarre mix of Scooby Doo and Dario Argento, this psychedelic, riotously funny, stream-of-consciousness horror film will leave you scratching your head, occasionally covering your eyes, and frequently laughing out-loud.  Not released in the United States until late 2009, spectators shouldn’t miss the chance to see what is quickly becoming a cult classic.   It is absolutely safe to say that you’ve never seen anything quite like House.   This is also the type of film that must be seen in a theater with a group of spectators if one hopes to fully experience its mind-bending effects. As an added bonus, the IFS will also be distributing a limited number of exclusive House decals depicting the film’s iconic supernatural orange cat.  There truly is no better way to start your Halloween celebrations! Synopsis Author: April Miller

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