A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korea, 2003, 115 mins.): In A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon), sisters Su-Mi and Su-Yeon struggle to adjust to their new family situation upon returning home to live with their father and stepmother.  However, the struggle intensifies as a mysteriously dark woman appears in their home, bringing her own agenda to the household.  Being caught between a cruel stepmother and an unsettling presence, Su-Mi and Su-Yeon do all they can to endure in this harrowing film that has been described as “a tour de force of psychological horror at its creepiest” (Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times).  With his clever cinematography and hauntingly vibrant uses of color, director Ji-woon Kim paints a visual story so alive and original that it’s no wonder why Renee Globe of the Boston Globe said, upon seeing this film, that “There’s a reason why Hollywood has been so busy in recent years remaking Asian horror movies.  Scare for scare, they’re generally better…”  Building up to a climax where truly nothing is as it seems, and with impressive performances by two young actors and stunning cinematography equal to the very best of the horror genre, A Tale of Two Sisters is one horror film that leaves the scare with you long after the last frame ends.

Synopsis by Jerrod Griebel