Nerdcore Rising

(USA, 2008, 80 mins.) Nerdcore Rising follows Nerdcore Rap's premier superstar MC Frontalot on the first national Nerdcore Rap tour ever.  Nerdcore Rap, a burgeoning sub-genre that has been growing in popularity fiercely over the last few years, focuses primarily on things that are important to "nerds," such as Zork, and the C-64, but it's power to reach past conventional nerd stereotypes and appeal to larger portions of society is skillfully presented in this documentary.  With interviews with superstars such as Weird Al Yankovic, Jello Biafra, and MC Chris giving their opinions on the music, the film mostly focuses on how audiences are reacting to the music, speaking with the diehard fans and the hapless by-standers unwittingly caught at a show.  More a study on what it's like to find one's place in the world than an extended music video, Nerdcore Rising does have a few clips from a few songs, but mostly it explores what it's like to be a part of a sub-culture that, as it turns out, is not as under populated as previously thought.