As an investment in training for our staff, the University has made available to all employees a very fine Skill Soft on line training program with over 600 courses available at no charge. Because these are on-line classes, internet access is required.

In addition, to help insure successful completion of the courses we have put into place an agreement form for both the student and supervisor to sign prior to beginning the course so that both agree to commit the time necessary to complete the training.

Some of the new additions to the course listings are Microsoft Office Applications training that we frequently go elsewhere (and pay for) to receive. [Insert Links Below]

SkillSoft Brochure

Full Course Listings

This is a great opportunity for all employees to expand their training in a variety of areas, both professionally and personally. Contact Tabendah Harraf  [Insert Email] at 970-351-1935 for you username when you are ready to get started.