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Karla del Carpio Ovando, Ph. D.


Dr. Karla Del Carpio Ovando is originally from Chiapas, Mexico. Since she has always had a strong passion for languages, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the Autonomous University of Chiapas in Mexico. She earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta (UofA) in Canada and a Doctorate in Secondary Education from the Faculty of Education at UofA.

Dr. Del Carpio has taught different languages, such as Spanish in Canada and English and Italian in Mexico. She has worked as a language teacher for the last 14 years.  Teaching is one of her passions because she strongly believes that being a teacher is ARTE as it is one of the most fascinating, appealing, challenging and beautiful professions. For that reason, she considers herself very fortunate for having the opportunity to teach other people and learn from them as well. She is currently teaching the Second Language Acquisition/Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL 350) course.

Dr. Del Carpio has won different teaching awards in both Canada and Mexico. Recently, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, awarded her the National Academic Achievement Award 2013. Also, she has received different scholarships for professional development, to study abroad and to conduct research, for example, the scholarship received from the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) in Mexico. 

Among Dr. Del Carpio’s research interests are second language acquisition, language teaching and learning, intercultural bilingual education and indigenous languages revitalization. Through her work, she aims to provide native people with a voice to remind society that indigenous communities are there… that they are part of our present, not of our past. Dr. Del Carpio feels committed to contributing toward making a better and more just society where indigenous people’s cultural and linguistic diversity is honored, respected and preserved.

She has published different pieces, for example, Spanish-Indigenous Elementary Bilingual Education in Chiapas, Mexico”, “Reflecting on the past that is present and not past: The Tsotsil community and the situation of the Spanish and indigenous languages” and “I forgot I am still a child: The situation of indigenous children.”

When Dr. Del Carpio is not reading or working, she loves dancing, practicing Zumba or spending time with her family or friends. She also loves going abroad to practice the languages she knows as she sees it as a great opportunity to expand her horizons.

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