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Options and Opportunities in Language and Culture

The Department of Modern Languages offers courses in Chinese, French, German, and Japanese, building proficient listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while exploring the target language's literature and culture. Students may pursue a B.A. in Foreign Languages in French with either a liberal arts emphasis or a K-12 teaching emphasis. Students may also choose to major or minor in Asian Studies, selecting from a wide variety of courses in Asian history and cultures, and combined with Japanese and/or Chinese language courses. All four languages are also offered as minors.

News & Announcements

Study Abroad in Paris

Join French Associate Professor Lorie Sauble-Otto in Summer 2018 at Université Paris Déscartes, where you will study French and learn about the history, art and architecture in Paris.

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On January 19-20, the Modern Languages Department hosted the 5th SCENARIO Forum Symposium on Performative Pedagogy. Read more about this event.

Stepping Outside the Classroom

Modern Language students participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by the Chinese Culture Club, the French Club, the German Club and the Japanese Language Club. Students in Modern Languages are encouraged to study abroad to gain immersive experience in the culture and language of their chosen program.