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Lee Anne Peck

Lee Anne Peck

Professor Emerita

Journalism & Media Studies
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Ph.D. Mass Communication, Ohio University, Athens

M.A. Philosophy, Ohio University, Athens

M.A. Journalism Studies/Mass Communication, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

M.A. English/Communication Development, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

B.A. Technical Journalism, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

A.A. General Studies/Journalism, Blackhawk College, Moline, Illinois

Professional/Academic Experience

Colorado State University: Key adviser, news writing coordinator, writing instructor

Front Range Community College, Fort Collins: Journalism/English instructor

Aims Community College, Greeley and Loveland: English instructor

Ohio University: Journalism instructor for Precision Language, news and magazine writing

Franklin College Switzerland: Assistant Professor of International Communication

University of Dubrovnik, Croatia: Fulbright scholar/journalism instructor

University of Northern Colorado: Journalism professor

Other Experience

Offer advice via national hotline on rotating basis, Ethics AdviceLine, sponsored by SPJ Headliners and hosted by Northwestern, Evanston, 2013-Present

Editorial Board, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, California, 2011-Present

Historian, Colorado Press Denver WOmen, 2004-Present

Research/Areas of Interest

Ethics in the communication professions; best practices in teaching journalism/communication students ethical decision-making and social responsibility; communication and globalization

Publications/Creative Works

Peck and Reel, Media Ethics at Work, CQ Press/Sage, 2013/2nd Edition for 2016 in progress

Peck and Stevenson, “I am eating a sandwich now: Intent and Foresight in the Twitter Age,” Journal of Mass Media Ethics, Winter 2011, pp. 56-65

Peck and Tallent, Ch. 1 Introduction, Ch. 14 Conclusion, 2015, 6 chapters

Peck and Burns, Ch. 4 Recommendations: Then and Now

Peck, Ch. 2 State of High School Journalism – The Survey; Ch. 3, Research Questions Answers and Concerns; Ch. 5, High School Journalism, Pre-1960, In Still Captive: History, Law and the Teaching of High School Journalism

Peck and Stevenson, “I am eating a sandwich now: Intent and Foresight in the Twitter Age,” In Media Accountability, Routledge, London, NY, 2012, pp. 126-136

Peck, The Way We Were: The Photography of Julian Wasser, Journalism History, Vol. 41 No. 3 (2016), pp. TK

Peck, Free Will, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol. 27 No. 1/2 (2015), pp. 189-190

Peck, How to Succeed In Hollywood Without Losing Your Soul, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol. 25 No. 1/2, pp. 177-179

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