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Information in a Changing Field

Journalism and mass communications have changed immensely since the beginning of the 21st century. UNC’s Journalism & Media Studies program is designed to help students meet those changes and succeed as the media evolve and grow. The program offers a Strategic Communications emphasis and a News and Multimedia Journalism emphasis.

Strategic Communications 

Students in the Strategic Communications emphasis focus on social scientific research, creative concept development, writing and editing, media planning and persuasive campaign execution. The emphasis combines the principles of public relations, marketing and advertising.

News and Multimedia

The News and Multimedia Journalism track is intended for students interested in providing news for the public, whether it will appear in print, broadcast or online media. The emphasis teaches students to do everything necessary to produce news, including reporting, writing, shooting video, editing video and audio and working in a studio.

Media Studies Minor

UNC’s 18-credit Media Studies minor focuses on the social and cultural aspects of media and includes classes such as Introduction to Journalism and Media Studies, Impact of Mass Media on Society and History of Mass Media.

News and Announcements

Journalism & Media Studies Students Recognized


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Journalism and Medisa Studies Program recognized outstanding undergraduates on April 8, 2018.

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JMS Professor Competes on Jeopardy!


Dr. Lynn Klyde-Allaman competed on Jeopardy! on Thursday, March 22 and won over $8,000 - taking her into the next round on Friday, March 23, where she took a close second place in the competition. Congratulations, Lynn! 

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Catch up on the News

Catch up on all the latest news around UNC by visiting the Bear News YouTube Channel or the UNC student newspaper, The Mirror

Student Media Opportunities

Explore student clubs, organizations and media and gain professional experience to build your skills, resume and networks. Media and organizations include the following:

The Mirror

Gain professional experience working on this independent, student-run newspaper as you collaborate with peers to  bring relevant and timely news coverage to campus and the community.

UNC Student Radio

This rapidly growing, student-operated, university-funded station gives students hands-on experience as the voice of the Bears with professional equipment and a diverse staff of DJs and board members.


Students report, write, tape and edit their own stories. The show’s focus is UNC campus news, but reporters also cover city, state and national events that affect the campus community.


Gain experience in strategic communication through this student-run creative agency, formerly Bear PR & Advertising. Bear Creative specializes in helping brands engage and connect with the UNC community.

Maybe You're One of Us

Here, you're an individual with your own unique mix of interests — and our differences are what we have in common.

  • #news
  • #telemundo
  • #denver

Meet Corina and other people just like you.

Maybe You're One of Us

Here, you're an individual with your own unique mix of interests — and our differences are what we have in common.

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Meet Maria and other people just like you.