Foreign Language M.A.- Spanish Teaching Emphasis

Best described as a confluence of civilization, culture, language, linguistics, literature, and language acquisition theory, the Foreign Language M.A. equips teachers with in-depth knowledge of all facets of the Spanish-speaking world, as well as the latest methodologies for teaching Spanish in secondary schools. 

Program Overview

Options for Study

The program is primarily a summer program, although selected courses are offered during the academic year to supplement the summer offerings. By following the prescribed sequence of courses, students may complete the MA in three continuous summers on the Greeley campus. The three-year cycle includes curriculum rotation featuring Spain, Latin America and Mexico/Hispanic United States. The summer sessions begin with a one-week pedagogy workshop, followed by three weeks of course work covering literature, civilization/culture and advanced language topics. Following the on-campus course sessions, course work and assignments are submitted and graded electronically.

Salamanca Semester: During the Spanish Peninsular rotation, up to nine hours of course work may be completed during a summer Study Abroad experience in Salamanca, Spain. Credit for these classes is treated as transfer credit from the University of Salamanca to UNC. For information about the program, please, contact The Center for International Education.

Academic Year: Since ours is primarily a summer program, all students are expected to complete at least one summer session on campus as part of the MA experience at UNC. Occasionally, selected courses are offered during the academic year to supplement the summer offerings. Our MA program accommodates a variety of student needs and options.

Note to students seeking teaching licensure: This MA program does not grant a teaching license, so students seeking initial teaching licensure are advised to do an undergraduate BA in Spanish Teaching at UNC. Those with a BA in Spanish Liberal Arts who seek licensure are advised to enter the UNC post-bac program in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.