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Master of Arts in Foreign Language - Spanish Teaching Emphasis

Master of Arts in Foreign Language: Spanish Teaching Emphasis

The program is primarily a summer program, although selected courses are offered during the academic year to supplement the summer offerings. By following the prescribed sequence of courses, students may complete the MA in three continuous summers on the Greeley campus. The three-year cycle includes curriculum rotation featuring Spain, Latin America and Mexico/Hispanic United States. The summer sessions begin with a one-week pedagogy workshop, followed by three weeks of course work covering literature, civilization/culture and advanced language topics. Following the on-campus course sessions, course work and assignments are submitted and graded electronically.

Contact the graduate coordinator for more information:

Dr. Efrain Garza
Phone: (970) 351-1765

Program Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit to earn the M.A. in Foreign Languages, Spanish Teaching Emphasis. Of those, 24 hours of graduate level courses are in Spanish (SPAN), and 6 hours taught in English, Pedagogy (FL 531). Each summer, students take 9 credit hours (3 summers @ 9 credits = 27).

The 3 credit SPAN 600 is a specially designed course to introduce Research Methods in Spanish. It is suggested that this course be taken early in the students' program so that they can apply the research methods throughout their course work instead of at the end of their studies.

Options for Study

  • Salamanca Semester: During the Spanish Peninsular rotation, up to nine hours of course work may be completed during a summer Study Abroad experience in Salamanca, Spain. Credit for these classes is treated as transfer credit from the University of Salamanca to UNC. For information about the program, please, contact The Center for International Education.
  • Academic Year: Since ours is primarily a summer program, all students are expected to complete at least one summer session on campus as part of the MA experience at UNC. Occasionally, selected courses are offered during the academic year to supplement the summer offerings. Our MA program accommodates a variety of student needs and options.


Sequence of Summer Courses

Students take nine hours per summer for three summers (9 x 3=27) plus SPAN 600 (3 hours), for a total of 30 hours. After 30 hours, students must pass written and oral comprehensive examinations.

SPAIN Sequence Offered: Summer 2016, 2019

  • Pedagogy: FL 531 (2) Teaching of Foreign Language. [Subtitle: Teaching Heritage Language Learners]
  • Literature: SPAN 571 (3) Readings in Spanish Literature
  • Civilization/Culture: SPAN 560 (2) Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • Language: SPAN 506 (2) Translation
  • Research: SPAN 600 (3)

MEXICO/HISPANIC AMERICAN Sequence Offered: Summer 2017

  • Pedagogy: FL 531 (2) Teaching of Foreign Language. [Subtitle: Teaching Culture/ Social Studies]
  • Literature: SPAN 576 (3) Mexican Literature
  • Civilization/Culture: SPAN 562 (2) Mexico and US Hispanic Civilization and Culture
  • Language: SPAN 583 (2) Oral and Written Discourse
  • Research: SPAN 600 (3) if not taken previously. A total of 3 hours are required.

LATIN AMERICA Sequence Offered: Summer 2018

  • Pedagogy: FL 531 (2) Teaching of Foreign Language. [Subtitle: Curriculum and Standards]
  • Literature: SPAN 572 (3) Readings in Latin American Literature
  • Civilization/Culture: SPAN 561 (2) Latin American Civilization and Culture
  • Language: SPAN 581 (2) Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Research: SPAN 600 (3) if not taken previously. A total of 3 hours are required.

Required Texts for Summer

Professors in the summer graduate courses have identified the following essential texts for their classes. Students are advised to read them prior to coming to class. Contact the Coordinator of the Hispanic Studies Graduate program for further information, Efrain.Garza@unco.edu.

Pedagogy Week


FL 531 Teaching of Foreign Language: Curriculum and Instruction (2 credits)

Professor: Priscilla Falcón

Required Readings (Students are to have read these books before classes begin):

  • Ellen Kittler & Nancy P. Gallavan. Secrets to Success for Social Studies Teachers. Thousand Oaks: Corwin Press, Sage Publications. 2008.
  • Sonia Nazario. Enrique’s Journey. The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with His Mother. New York: Random House Trade Books. 2007.

Michener Library Electronic Reserve Readings:

  • Barbara Cruz & Stephen J. Thornton. Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners.  Chapter: “Social Studies- Focused ESOL Research.” pp 49-105.  
  • Barbara Cruz & Stephen J. Thornton. Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners.  Chapter: “World History.” pp106-153.

Mexican and Mexican American Rotation


SPAN 583 Oral & Written Discourse (2 credits)

Professor: Efrain Garza

  • Taller de escritores: Grammar and Composition for Advanced Spanish
    Guillermo Bleichmar y Paula Cañón
    ISBN: 978-1-61767-100-5
    Vista Higher Learning, 2012
    Boston, Massachusetts

SPAN 576 Mexican Literatura (2 credits)

Professor: TBD

  • Novelas
      • Carlos Fuentes. Gringo viejo. España: Alfaguara, 2007. ISBN-10: 970580012X ISBN-13: 978-9705800122
      • Yuri Herrera: Trabajos del reino. España: Editorial Periférica, 2010. ISBN: 978-84-92865-05-5
  • Cuento
      • Muñoz, Mario (Selección & prologo) Antología del cuento mexicano de la segunda mitad del siglo XX. Veracruz: U Veracruzana, 2013. ISBN: 978-607-7605-17-1
  • Teatro
      • Xerox copies from Antología didáctica del teatro mexicano (1964-2005) Vol.1 & 2. Mexico: UNAM P, 2008.(reserva electronica) ISBN: 978-607-2-00243-2
  • Poesía
      • Poemas 1960-2013 (Reserva electrónica).

SPAN 562 Mex. & US Hisp Civ & Culture (3 credits)

Professor: TBD

Comprehensive Examinations

After course work is completed, all students who are granted a "Masters of Arts in Foreign Languages: Spanish Teaching Emphasis" must pass both written and oral comprehensive exams in Spanish. These exams are designed to test a student’s mastery of a broad field of knowledge in the chosen areas of concentration. The exams encourage comprehensive and critical thinking and are not limited to formal course work, but also include material from the MA Comprehensive Reading Lists below. Written Comprehensive Examinations are given twice a year, once in the Fall Semester, usually in the month of October, and once in the Spring Semester, usually in the month of March. Written exams are given to all eligible candidates at the same time, with individual oral exams administered within three weeks following the written exams. Results are reported in compliance with the Graduate School deadlines.

Our redesigned 3-year course sequence encourages students to complete their programs as quickly as possible, and not stretch them out to the 5-year time limit allowed by the Graduate School. The uniform Comprehensive Exam Policy makes testing available on a regular basis, rather than having students arrange times on their own whenever they think they are ready to take exams. Students are urged to complete their tests within one or two semesters following completion of course work, thereby insuring that the material is current and fresh in their minds, and that they prepare the reading lists in a timely fashion. Not all students pass their Comprehensive Exams on the first try. In keeping with Graduate School policy, a student is allowed to retake a failed exam only one time, and may not retake it in the same semester that they failed it, to allow for additional study time.

MA Comprehensive Reading Lists