Current Students

Course Requirements for the Minor

Students must complete 18 credit hours for the Gender Studies minor. These 18 credit hours must include the following 4 core courses. Make sure to check the Course Schedule for specific course offerings.

  • GNDR 101: Gender and Society (generally offered every semester)
  • GNDR 240: Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality (generally offered every Spring semester)
  • GNDR 285: Gender in Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives (generally offered every semester)
  • GNDR 350: Feminist Theories (generally offered every Fall semester)

The remaining six credits may be elective credits, offered through a variety of departments and programs. One of these electives must be an upper division (300- or 400-level) course. A list of approved electives is available in the University Catalog. Electives offered through the Gender Studies program include:

  • GNDR 300: History of American Feminisms
  • GNDR 320: Gender in Popular Culture
  • GNDR 380: Queer Studies
  • GNDR 395: Topics in Gender Studies
  • GNDR 414: Masculinities
  • GNDR 422: Directed Studies
  • GNDR 492: Internship

Students are especially encouraged to complete an internship as part of their elective credits.  Internships are available at a variety of on- and off-campus locations. If you are interested in an internship, please contact any of our faculty!