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The UNC Gender Studies program enables participants, as students and lifelong learners, to investigate gender issues through interdisciplinary approaches. We examine the ways in which race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, nationality, age and ability affect how cultures create structures of gender, power and inequality. The program will equip you to understand complexities of identity in the ever-changing context of their personal, political and social lives.

News and Announcements

gender studies honorees

Students from the Gender Studies program were recognized for academic excellence at the annual HSS Honors Convocation on Sunday, April 9th, 2017. Congratulations to Holly Brimberry, Taylor Deskin, and Danielle Rich! View the full list of honorees here and check out more photos on the HSS Facebook page.

The UNC Mirror recently featured a story about International Women's Day and the A Day Without Women strike that took place on March 8, 2017. The article discusses the effects of this strike and the significance behind it with the help of two Gender Studies faculty members, Dr. Chris Talbot and Dr. Ather Zia. Read the article here!

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Students interested in gender studies are invited to join the Gender Studies Club. Contact Chris Talbot or check Facebook for meeting updates! 

The Gender Studies program recognized outstanding students at the 2016 College of Humanities & Social Sciences Honors Convocation on April 10. Congratulations Beth Benn, Darean Hunt, Kate Levin, and Taylor McGinn. 

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A More Accepting World

Gender Studies offers students the opportunities to explore and understand gender issues, building a more accepting world. Watch this video and learn more about UNC's Gender Studies minor.

Student Expressions

Using visual and literary art, UNC students express themselves, spark insight and inspire others to build and express understanding and acceptance.

Eat Me Pretty
Paintings by Elizabeth Kelly

Eat Me Pretty Paintings by Elizabeth Kelly

Mind and Body
Art project by Alaina Gist

Mind and Body Art project by Alaina Gist

The Woman's Work
Art project by Alaine Gist

The Woman's Work Art project by Alaine Gist

Woman with Headphones
Mural by Diane Richards

Woman with Headphones Mural by Diane Richards

Student Poem Expressions

Reflection of “The Word Love”
Poem for WS 285 by Tyrell Allen

I used to write the word “love” with her index finger, exclusively.
Because she possessed the power to point in the direction of everything good to me.
She knew best.
She knew traditions and stories and renditions that crafted my destiny without my consent.
And this was okay because I trusted she would point me in the right direction.
Until I found a compass of my own.
A tool that put so much physical distance between my desire for education and my dedication to family.
Even though the spiritual distance never changed.

I used to spell the word “love” with his warmth.
Because he dressed me in new senses of self seemingly serene.
And I was happy to pull the letters from his dark blues eyes because I found comfort in them.
I could see myself.
But I discovered that this vision was purely one sided because he wasn’t capable of seeing himself in me.
Unless he was actually in me, on those nights when love and memories and passion and pleasure all collided.
Collisions conspiring against me, sparking confusion.
Sparking clouded judgment of what I really wanted.

I tend to see the word “love” in my dreams and good intentions.
Because they’re the only things I have left to believe in.
I am unable to return to sender because my mother knows not who I am anymore.
“Calcutting” my identity to shreads.
And he was unable to experience this with me.
He has internalized all of this to the rim, and refuses to be my refuge.
I’m seeking surfaces that feel nice to me.             
Gentle changes in my life that make me happy to be the person I am.
In honor of the person I’ve always been.

Love is written by accepting the way things are and growing to be okay with them.
Love is spelled with images and figures that respect and enjoy the person you are.
Love is visualized when the methods of writing and spelling the word collide
And these collisions are anything but cloudy or confusing.
I can see love again.

Poem for WS 285 by Tyrell Allen

I volunteer as target.
The Necessary Target.
In this multi-world dimension.
Set up social archery and take your shot where you please because everyone knows there's little space for that otherwise.
Tell me your truth. Throw drinks back.
Scream from the top of your lungs, and close the gap between first and third.
I volunteer as feminist.
Let my ears give you the space that is often filled only with what men have to say.
I recognize that.
I have placed duct tape on my mouth and parchment all over my body
So take your aim at patriarchy.
My body is your literary vessel.
It gives you space for your prose.
Let us liberate each other from gender lines.
I volunteer as friend first
Because your story is one that should only be granted by way of authenticity.
I should not force it.
Let's talk about our favorite drinks.
Our first loves. Our deepest desires. Our foundation.
I volunteer as ashamed.
Embarrassed because of my heavy stock in now seemingly trivial matters.
Embarrassed by my ignorance.
Embarrassed by my initial lack of willingness to turn “them” into “us”
Embarrassed by the legacy that members of my gender have created.
Embarrassed by my fear to take responsibility for them.
I volunteer as moved
Taken by the wind of your journey
The residual inspiration trickling from your willingness to stand tall and carry on.
You carry me in your dreams
You've revolutionized my definition of manhood.
You've shown me truth.
So I volunteer as change.
Let us drink together.
Let us find our place together.
And we can talk about the things that should have never happened.
Let us talk about your agency.
Put me in my place.
I volunteer as target.
It’s necessary.