Thank you for your interest in an Assistantship in the English Department. The number of assistantship positions varies based on the term and budget. There are three kinds of assistantships:

  • Teaching Assistantship: students are trained to teach college composition, and teach two undergraduate courses per semester.
  • Research Assistantship: students aid faculty in pursuit of their research goals.
  • Graduate Assistantship: students assist in the mounting of UNC’s International Film Series, as well as the screening of films for the department’s Film Program.

To Apply for an Assistantship:

You should submit a Letter of Application addressed to Dr. Marcus Embry in which you address your interest in and qualifications for a Teaching Assistantship, Graduate Assistantship, and/or a Research Assistantship. For the latter two, specify areas of interest as well as organizational and research experience.

The preferable and most efficient way to apply for the TA/GA/RA is to include the above letter with your graduate school application; if you can, submit it with your application to the Graduate School.

If you prefer, you may send your TA/GA/RA letter of application separately from your application for admittance directly to:

Dr. Marcus Embry

Finally, there are a number of Graduate Assistantships you may apply for at the University.