English Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta

UNC’s Zeta Psi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society was chartered in April of 1988, under the sponsorship of Prof. Lloyd Worley. Since its chartering, Zeta Psi Chapter has three times won the international “Best Chapter” competition and has provided several regional and national student officers. Since its founding, Zeta Psi Chapter has had several members win top Sigma Tau Delta scholarships and internships. In recognition of its outstanding qualities, Zeta Psi Chapter has received the “Chapter of the Decade” award from the Board of Directors of the international Society.

Zeta Psi Chapter meets for one hour every other week on a day and time selected by its members. The Chapter always has a full slate of activities, including public service, literary presentations, and celebrations of literary events, including Shakespeare's birthday, Valentine Poetry, Irish Literature, and—its most popular event—Hallowe’en (Gothic) literature.

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The Society is open to English Major/Minor juniors and seniors who have a 3.30 or higher GPA and who have met certain other academic requirements.

2016-2017 Officers:

  • President: Nicole Hecker
  • President Advisor: Sarah Vogel
  • Vice President: Meghan Miller
  • Secretary: Rachel Hammer
  • Treasurer: Michelle Springer
  • Historian: Sarah Hammer
  • Dean of Lambda Gamma: Jeremiah Strong

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Lambda Gamma

For freshmen and sophomores who are English majors/minors or who are considering the field of English, membership in Lambda Gamma is available. The two groups meet simultaneously.

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