Confluencia is a journal which publishes scholarly articles and notes in Spanish and English. It encompasses the three principal areas of the Hispanic world: Spain, Latin America and the United States. The editorial policy invites the submission of manuscripts which promote an integrative approach to the study of culture and literature. Highlights include: 1) articles and essays dedicated to enhancing our understanding of the aesthetic and cultural expression of the diverse Hispanic communities, including those with a strong base in prehispanic and African traditions, 2) comparative studies of literatures, 3) comparative studies of other art forms, 4) interviews with outstanding figures who have made an impact on the study, expression and promotion of culture and literature. Creative writing is also included.

Submissions are referred by at least two expert readers. Articles should be between 4500 and 7500 words and should adhere in format to the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, published 2008: ISBN 978-0-87352-297-7 (cloth) or 978-0-87352-298-4 (paper). Notes should be placed at the end of the text. In order to expedite an early decision, contributors should submit articles: 1) a blind copy of the article as an email attachment to and 2) contact information and professional affiliation information in a separate document also as an email attached to In addition, one copy on paper also with contact information and professional affiliation information included should be mailed to Confluencia, Box 87, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley CO 80639 USA. Contributors accepted for publication are expected to pay a $90 publication fee which includes a one-year subscription. All rights remain with Confluencia.

Address all editorial correspondence to: Editor, Confluencia, Hispanic Studies, Campus Box 87, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO 80639, U.S.A.