School Goals

The School of Communication at the University of Northern Colorado operates from the following student-centered and program-specific goals:

  • To support the professional and theoretical education goals of both the COMM and JMC programs
  • To attract best fit students to both programs, and to assess and maintain quality standards
  • To better identify student needs and goals and channel them to the correct program and courses
  • To support each programs’ ability to benefit a wide range of students representing various majors, diverse populations, and varied career goals
  • To provide a wider scope of curricular opportunities, including possible cross-listing and interdisciplinary options
  • To seek complements in faculty interests (e.g. issues of race, class, and gender), thus providing more breadth for research opportunities and student course options
  • To improve utilization of resources, leading to better classroom facilities, labs, production studios, and editing bays; therefore, fostering higher quality education
  • To capitalize on the strong and growing reputation of both programs, seeking opportunities for increased funding and acquisition of resources

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