Director’s Message

Welcome to the School of Communication at the University of Northern Colorado. The word “communication” comes to us from the Latin communicare, meaning “to impart or share.” That word stems from the more literal communis, (“to make common”), which is a combination of the roots com (“together”) and munia (“public duties”). The two disciplines which combine to create the School of Communication—Communication Studies (COMM) and Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC)—have not strayed far from that original meaning. Together, the two programs seek to improve people’s ability to disseminate information, to create common meaning, and to foster effective message exchange for the common good.

There is something intuitively logical about a coalition between the COMM and JMC programs. It is an exciting structure in which each program maintains its uniqueness and disciplinary integrity, while simultaneously allowing them to combine efforts on resource, space, technology, curricular, and extra-curricular issues.

Consumers are faced with an overwhelming number of information, news, and entertainment choices, while producers of those messages continuously wrestle with advances in technology, ethical dilemmas, and changes in distribution channels. Simultaneously, we all deal with an increasingly complex web of relationships at home and in the workplace. Understanding the messages we receive from a myriad of fronts—the government, the media, our families, our group affiliations—requires an advanced and in-depth understanding of the process of information exchange. Both COMM and JMC courses provide the critical tools allowing us to “come together” and “make common” that which has been imparted or shared, and that which we intend to impart and share.

I invite you to look more closely at our programs and determine which one is right for you. Enter our school prepared to learn and thrive in a scholarly and supportive environment. Leave our school prepared to excel in your chosen life and career choices.


Thomas G. Endres, Ph.D.

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