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Communication Studies Programs

Communication Studies B.A.

Program Overview

Admissions Requirements

Students planning to major in Communication Studies must apply for admission into the program. Admissions packets are available at the link below. After reviewing the packet of materials, fill out and print the application (first two pages)  along with the required 1-2 page essay stating your rationale for choosing the COMM major. You will then bring your application and essay to the Communication Studies office in Candelaria 1265. If approved, you will then complete a Change of Major form and be assigned an advisor.

Admissions Packet

Download the PDF to fill out electronically.

Communication Studies B.A. - Online Degree Completion


The online delivery of the Communication Studies Bachelor of Arts degree is a liberal arts program tied to the fundamental process of communication that drives our personal, social and professional lives. In this convenient degree completion program, you will learn the elements of message exchange across a variety of interactions and contexts.

Communication Studies Minor