Clubs and Organizations

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College Student Council

Advisors: Dr. Lin Allen, Dr. Nancy Matchett, and Mr. Gary Swanson

Africana Studies

Summit Organization Committee

Advisor: Dr. Hermon George, Jr.


Anthropology Club

Advisor: Dr. Sally McBeth

Communication Studies

Association for Women in Communications

Advisors: Dr. Lin Allen and Mr. Gary Swanson

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Society

Advisor: Mr. Al Price


Omicron Delta Epsilon- Honor Society for Economics

Advisor: Dr. David Aske

Society of Economics

Advisor: Ms. Rhonda Corman


The Crucible- UNC Student Literary Magazine

Advisors: Dr. Lisa Zimmerman

International Film Series

Advisor: Sarah Cornish

Zeta Psi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta- The International English Honor Society

Advisor: Dr. Lloyd Worley


Gamma Theta Upsilon-Honor Society for Geography

Advisor: Dr. James Doerner

Powell Geography Club

Advisor: Dr. Karen Barton

Hispanic Studies

Sigma Delta Pi

Advisor: Dr. Efraín Garza

Mexican American Club

Advisor: Dr. Genie Canales

Spanish Conversation Table

Advisors: Gloria Monzon and Eva Ennis


History Club

Advisor: Dr. Corinne Wieben

Phi Alpha Theta

Advisor: Dr. Corinne Wieben

Middle Ages Society

Advisor: Dr. Corinne Wieben

Journalism and Mass Communications

Association for Women in Communications

Advisors: Dr. Lin Allen and Mr. Gary Swanson

Student Public Relations Network

Advisor: Dr. Lee-Anne Peck

Bear PR & Advertising

Advisor: Dr. Lee-Anne Peck

"The Claw" - Magazine Club

Advisor: Dr. Lynn Klyde-Silverstein

Bear News

Advisor: Dr. Dale Edwards

Modern Languages

Chinese Language and Culture Club

Advisor: Dr. Michelle Low

French Club

Advisor: Dr. Christine Mortiz

German Club

Advisor: Dr. Evelyn Wisbey

Japanese Club

Advisor: Sumiko Gibson

Japanese Culture and Anime Club

Advisor: Dr. Adam Fong


UNC Law Club

Advisor: Dr. Paul Hodapp

Philosophy Club

Advisor: Dr. Nancy Matchett

Political Science

Model Arab League

Advisor: Dr. Brook Blair


Alpha Kappa Delta- Sociology Honor Society

Advisor: Sandra Harmon

Socially Constructed Club- Sociology Club

Advisors: Ms. Diane Schott

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