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Essie's Story (1998)

This is the spirited story of Esther Burnett Horne, an accomplished and inspiring educator in Indian boarding schools. Born in 1909, Horne attended Haskell Indian Institute in Lawrence, Kansas , and often visited relatives on the Wind River Shoshone Reservation in Wyoming. Horne devoted her life to educating other Indian children.

Essie and I developed her life history in a truly collaborative manner. What emerges is an engaging and informative narrative about education and identity. Sadly, shortly after our book was published, Essie died of cancer on June 6, 1999. She was almost 90 years old. At her request, I played my bagpipes at her funerals in Naytahwaush, MN and Wahpeton, ND. I miss her every day.

Ethnic Identity and the Boarding School Experience (1983)

I never saw my flawed (1983) dissertation, Ethnic Identity and the Boarding School Experience (1983) as memorable, but 13 years after its publication, Native American [Creek] scholar Tsianina Lomawaima dubbed it "seminal" noting that I had "mine(d) the analytical and emotional richness of boarding school life" (Journal of American Indian Education 35 (3) [special issue on boarding school education]). Lomawaima kindly says: "To the best of our knowledge, the first scholar who incorporated American Indian peoples' personal narratives of boarding school life in a description and analysis of the institution was Sally McBeth, in her seminal book, Ethnic Identity and the Boarding School Experience (1983). Prior to McBeth's work, many academicians had assumed that they knew what boarding schools meant to Indian people, and that it was a simple, uncomplicated story of federal attack and Indian cultural disintegration."

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2007 Native American Oral History and Cultural Interpretation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Peer-Reviewed Final Report for the National Park Service, Rocky Mountain National Park. 

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