Office of Undergraduate Research

Performing and Visual Arts: Internships by Deadlines


Title: Summer Jobs
Sponsor: Grassroots Campaigns
Deadline: Continuous
Abstract: We're hiring students to work full-time this summer.  We’re launching neighborhood outreach and street operations this summer in 20 different cities across the country and we’re going to talk one-on-one with 1.6 million people. We’ll educate every one of these people on the issues and offer each of them the opportunity to help out by contributing to a cause they care about. We work to educate the community, raise funds and recruit new members for our partners. Positions available in Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York, Pasadena, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.
Field Manager Through the course of the summer you will: Activate communities by managing and leading out teams of canvassers to specific neighborhoods in an effort to involve new people; Maximize your impact by motivating and training tons of new people who start to work in your office; Build up support for the campaign by also personally raising thousands of dollars and identifying new members. As part of the leadership team, field managers learn valuable campaign and training skills, in addition to making sure the office hits its campaign goals. Field Managers work five days a week. Pay $350-$550/week, depending on location.
Canvass Staff Through the course of the summer you can: Provide progressive organizations with necessary resources by personally raising thousands of dollars; Build sustainable organizations by identifying hundreds of new grassroots donors and volunteers; Educate the public on critical issues facing our country by traveling to various communities to talk to every day citizens. Canvassers work five days a week, and take part in daily workshops and briefings in addition to the field work. Pay: $300-$500/week, depending on location.
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