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Miles Wentland

miles wentland outdoors

When Miles Wentland has questions, he finds out the answer the only way he knows: through research! His current project is studying aeolian limestone, which shouldn’t even exist according to the classes he’s taken! “I can’t imagine not being interested in such a marvelous anomaly,” he reported.  His interest in this project has developed into a great enthusiasm for scientific research and scholarship.

He was introduced to the rock body during a 2011 summer field course by a professor; he used it as the topic for his fall Scientific Writing paper and then decided to expand it and turn it into a research project. Through the 2012 Undergraduate Summer Stipend and other grants, he was able to spend the summer studying a three dimensionally exposed outcrop.

Because of his passion for and interest in rocks (which began when he was a child), Wentland decided to go for a degree in Geology. He mentioned that “Aside from giving us insight into the Earth geology affects everyone every day of their lives. Every time you use your computer, stand in a building, and even drink a glass of water you are being affected by geology.”  miles wentland outdoorsHe is currently getting ready for the GRE exams so that he can pursue a masters degree in sedimentology (the study of sedimentary rocks and their processes in connection with geologic history); after he finishes his masters, he would probably like to work in industry.  He decided that UNC was the fit for him as an undergraduate because of the small class sizes.

He is a hobby boardgamer and a home brewer.  He enjoys playing Power Grid, Eclipse, Die Macher and “Pretty much anything as long as I have good people to play it with.”

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