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Lindsay Jones

Lindsay Jones worked with Dr. Deborah Romero in order to focus on the Oral Traditions in the Yucatan, Mexico.  The intent of Lindsay’s research lies at the heart of cultural preservation. For her project, she collected and documented oral literature in the village of Yunku, Mexico. The oral traditions were gathered into a book, presented in both Spanish and where relevant Mayan, and illustrated by the local children. The book was then be given to the families of children in the community. The small, rural community of Yunku has a large indigenous population and a rich cultural heritage.

The type of data she obtained was in the form of stories from community members and drawings done by the children. The stories are about the history of the village and the hacienda, along with several legends and ghost stories. The drawings were collected from the kids as part of our summer camp and are mainly a collection of free draw with the occasional drawing to go along with a particular story or theme.

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