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2014 SUMMER Stipend winners


Kelsey Eickelman

Kelsey’s research centered around the multiple song types of Canyon wrens that vary in factors such as syllable count, note appearance, pitch, length, and frequency.

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Austin Seeley

Austin's thesis explores the resiliency of people who lost their homes in wildfires.

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Ana Caudillo

I am conducting research characterizing thrombin-like properties of serine proteases in the venom of the Yucatan snake.

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News Brief

Our Workshops


Office of Undergraduate Research Workshop Series
Spring 2014
Workshops are held in Michener Library, Room 303 (Except where noted)
5:00-6:00 PM

MONDAY September 30:  Making Your Way through the IRB Process
Presented by Dr. Susan Collins

MONDAY October 14: Intro to Qualitative Research
Presented by Dr. Mark Smith

MONDAY, October 21:  Intro to Quantitative Research
Presented by Dr. Brittany Groot

MONDAY, November 11:  Writing a Winning Abstracts in the Humanities (Michener Library, Room 335)
Presented by Dr. Travis Boyce

MONDAY November 11:  Writing Winning Abstracts in the Sciences & Social Sciences
 Presented by Dr. Brian Iannacchione

MONDAY, November 25:  Research in the Humanities
 Presented by Dr. Jacob Melish

Workshops are open to all UNC students from all majors.
For more information, visit: or call (970) 351-2940.


Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium:

This fall, students have an opportunity to submit their research for consideration in the Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Six undergraduate students with outstanding caliber of research will be selected to participate in the Symposium to be held on November 7 at the University Center.  Three finalists will be selected from those who present in November to represent UNC at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), which will be held in Louisville, Kentucky in March.

Austin Seeley: “Experiences of Fire Survivors: What Factors Predict Resilience?” Mentor: Dr. Nancy Karlin, Psychology

Jennifer Wright: “Reconstructing activity patterns at Epidamnus, Albania: Impacts of Greek and Roman colonization” Mentor: Dr. Britney McIlvaine, Anthropology

Kelsey Eickelman: “Individuality in Canyon Wren Birdsong” Mentor: Dr. Lauryn Benedict, Biology

Carlos Cruz: “Retention and Persistence in Underrepresented Students in Multicultural Greek Life: A Case Study” Mentor: Dr. Gabriel Serna, Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership

Sara Harvey: “The Wren Opon her Nest: Gendering Language in Emily Dickinson’s Master Letters” Mentor: Dr. Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, English

Rachel Stice: “What Fosters a Successful Resident Assistant? A Qualitative Study on Resident Assistant’s Development of Self-Authorship” Mentor: Dr. Matthew Birnbaum, Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership

Ana Caudillo: “Serine Proteases in the venom of the Yucatan Rattlesnake” Mentor: Dr. Stephen Mackessy, Biology


Faculty Mentors

mentoring undergraduate students on original research projects.

Josh Packard

Assistant Professor for Sociology

Lyda Ellis

Associate Professor, University Libraries