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A Word with Kaye about her Transition

Interview by Ashley Ruesgen

Q) How did you become involved in UNC’s Honors program?

A) I was first hired by the Provost in 2002 to work with the Honors program. I came from the University of Nevada, Reno, where I had been working in the College of Arts and Sciences heading up the college’s advising, recruitment, and retention activities. When coming to the University of Northern Colorado, I initially worked half-time in Honors and half-time in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Q) What has been the most exciting transformation that you have experienced while being involved with HSL at the University of Northern Colorado?

A)  Joining an Honors Program which was minimally staffed and which had recently experienced major changes in leadership was a tremendous challenge. The program has grown by leaps and bounds since that time and is now part of the Center for Honors, Scholarship & Leadership along the President’s Leadership Program. Seeing the Honors Program and the Center grow and become so successful has been the most exciting transformation.

Q) What are some hopes that you have for the Center?

A) I hope to see both the Honors Program and the Center continue to grow and become stronger!  The new initiatives in civic engagement are tremendously exciting and help us all come together in a shared community.

Q)  What is your best memory about Honors, Scholars and Leadership?

A) Moving into the Center over the 2006/2007 holidays is my favorite program-wide memory. When I joined the Honors Program, we were housed in a three bedroom apartment in President’s Row. Going from that to a vacant office suite (a.k.a. which was not-so-affectionately referred to the Rat’s Maze) in Michener to a completely renovated 21st Century gorgeous office suite was amazing. Most importantly, though, was having a permanent place to call home and be proud of!

Q) What is your favorite thing about HSL?

A) The students. Without them, the Center would be nothing!

Q) What makes HSL special and unique?

A) The students. The students are some of the most motivated and academically talented students on this campus. Their collective passion is what makes it all worthwhile.

Q) Why are you leaving and where are you going?

A) I am resigning my position as Associate Director of the Center in order to focus fulltime on my doctoral studies, which I have been engaged in since 2005. I am working on an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in environmental education, philosophy, and communication. My resignation in no way means that I want to completely leave UNC, though!  I will still be active in Honors and at the Center, with both teaching and research.

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