Student Honors Council Officers


President - Eliza Howard

Eliza - I am a junior Theater Arts major and have been a member of the Honors Program and SHC since my freshman year. I am a member of several student groups on campus, but enjoy SHC the most because of the people I get to work with and the events that I get to help plan. My favorite things to do in my limited spare time are reading, writing, sleeping, overacting, and having fun with my friends. 


Vice President of Financial Affairs- Conner Hatton




Vice President of Community Service - Amanda Jones






Vice Presidents of Social Affairs - Meggie Curtis and Mackenzie Metcalfe




Vice President of Public Relations - Casey Fogel






Vice President of Public Relations - Raven Krueger

I am a junior English major with an emphasis in secondary education and have been involved in the Honors program since my freshman year.  I officially joined SHC my second semester of school and am currently the VP of Alumni Relations.  I am also involved in Women's Glee (the all women's choir on campus) and thoroughly enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, and singing.  I enjoy SHC because I firmly believe that all students are leaders and that those who are passionate about education deserve a program just as determined.  I am excited to work with all of the honors students and faculty!


Vice President of Outreach - Emilie Scharff


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