UNC Honors Program

Honors Interdisciplinary Program Requirements

The Honors Interdisciplinary Program is designed to provide all majors at UNC the opportunity to complete honors courses without impeding on their regular studies.  Many of the courses may cross count for Liberal Arts Core requirements or count toward general electives for graduation.  In general Honors students will take one course per semester in their freshman and sophomore years plus a 1 credit hour research skills course.  These classes are designed to teach critical thinking skills and the ability to problem solve by providing in depth examination of challenging concepts.

General Requirements

  • Completion of a total of 13 course credit hours from approved interdisciplinary course.
  • Evidence of Community and Professional Engagement during the student’s undergraduate studies through the Honors Connect co-curricular program.  Co-curricular requirements include attendance at two Honors Colloquium nights as well as additional participation in campus events through Honors Connect.. 
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 3.25 UNC GPA
    • Note: If a students' GPA dips below 3.25, but it is still possible to bring the GPA back up over 3.25 in subsequent semesters, the student may remain active in the Honors Program.
    • Students on academic probation are inactived from Honors Program and may no longer participate in the co-curricular options such as Student Honors Council.

Required Courses

Category 1a - First Year/First Semester Coursework - Complete ONE course from the following:

  • HON100: Honors Connection Seminar I or
  • MIND100: Life of the Mind introduction course (honors only section)

Category 1b - First Year Coursework - Complete ONE additional course from the following in either your first OR second semesters:

  • LEAD100: Contemporary Leadership Theory
  • MIND Course: ANY Life of the Mind Course
  • HON 200: Honors Connection Seminar II
  • Special Honors Sections of LAC courses in "Cluster" Options (e.g. PSCI 105-001 in Fall 2015 for students co-enrolled in MIND100-001)

Category 2- Second year Coursework – (6 credits) Complete TWO courses from the following:

  • HON200: Honors Connection Seminar II (if not already taken for Cat. 1 credit)
  • HON395: Honors Interdisciplinary Special Topics
  • LEAD200: Risk and Change in Leadership
  • MIND Course: ANY Life of the Mind Course
  • An approved study abroad or International Student Exchange experience
    • Must complete the experiential learning options form for pre-approval one semester in advance.

Category 3 - Honors Research Skills — (1-2 credits)

  • LIB151 – Honors Research Skills (Take in the FIRST YEAR) or
  • LIB150 or LIB 160 (for certain majors such as Criminal Justice and ASLS and Student Athletes who complete the summer bridge program)
  • Optional: LIB 251 – Research as Inquiry (Required for students planning to apply for the Upper Division Honors Program)