UNC Honors Program


Honors Program students annually have opportunities to attend national, regional, and local conferences at which they present their research and witness the work that other university students are engaged in.

National Collegiate Honors Council

The National Collegiate Honors Council and Western Regional Honors Council conferences Honors Students with certificatesare attended by Honors representatives from across the nation and Western region. Honors students from UNC may attend the conferences to present on UNC Honors activities or classes and to learn more about other Honors programs.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Students from across campus, not just in Honors, annually compete to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). The students must first present their research at the UNC Works in Progress Symposium, hosted by the University Honors Program, in the fall semester.

Academic Excellence Week

The Honors Program is the initiator and central organizer of UNC’s Academic Excellence Week which brings UNC students, faculty, and staff together in the recognition, encouragement, and celebration of exceptional academic achievement. Research Day, the major event for Honors students participating in the week’s activities, serves as a great opportunity for students to hone their presentation skills through oral, panel, or poster presentations. There is no cost to students to take part in Research Day activities.

Conference Opportunities

Students interested in learning more about Honors conference opportunities can review the Scholarship & Conference Opportunities section of the Honors Student Handbook or contact the Honors Program office for additional information.