UNC Honors Program

Honors Advising

Honors advising is coordinated by Honors office staff and designated faculty representatives from every major program at the university. This shared coordination helps ensure that students in the program receive supportive and comprehensive advising for their work in Honors. To help students with tracking their progress towards completing their Honors courses and other requirements, the Honors office also annually mails progress reports to students and advisers in the spring semester.

Throughout the academic year, students are encouraged to visit with their Honors Advisors and follow the Suggested Honors Curriculum Timeline outlined in the when planning their work in Honors. Students may also visit with the Honors Program Associate Director at any time to receive general advising on Honors or university requirements.

Honors Advisors will advise students beginning their Honors thesis-related coursework by helping them define their thesis topics and make arrangements with faculty members to serve as the students’ thesis advisers. The Honors Program Director can also provide advising assistance on thesis-related research and requirements. Students should plan to utilize the Honors Thesis Handbook for general guidelines and important instructions on their thesis projects.

For more information

E-mail to honors@unco.edu