President's Leadership Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PLP?

The President's Leadership Program (PLP) is a 4-year, selective scholarship based leadership program which trains students in leadership theory and practice. Leadership skills are developed through traditional classes, leadership seminars, workshops, practice, and mentoring relationships. PLP was started in 2000 and consists of approximately 80 students, 20 from each class.

What is PLP’s Mission and Vision?

Our mission is to enhance students’ personal growth by exploring educational and practical leadership endeavors, incorporating integrity and compassion. Our vision is enhancing lives through leadership.

Who is eligible for PLP?

High school seniors who demonstrate interest beyond self and who are interested in leadership, making a difference, and community service are encouraged to apply, and current UNC freshmen can also apply. PLP is looking for high achieving students with a desire to learn and lead. More importantly, PLP is looking for leadership potential. This can mean being the captain of a team, serving on student council, and/or taking on a lot of responsibility at home. Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes, and this program can help find and tap leadership potential within individuals.

What classes do PLP students take?

Students take all PLP classes with their PLP cohort, during their time at UNC. These classes total 11-13 credits.
• LEAD 100 (3 credits) – Leadership Theory and Practice
• MIND 289 or other LEAD course (3 credits) – Coming of Age or Special Topics LEAD course
• LEAD200 (3 credits) – Entrepreneurship in America
• LEAD 492 (3 credits) – Academic Credit for a Study Abroad or Internship Experience
• LEAD 499 (3 credits) – Senior Capstone Course

Is PLP all academic?

PLP hosts social activities throughout the year, such as pizza parties, a family and friends’ brunch, guest speakers, and trips to theaters. PLP freshmen and sophomores go on an annual fall retreat and have the opportunity to attend the CLA Leadership Summit and the LEAP Summit. Students are also required to be actively involved in community service activities. Students also are expected to participate in campus and community events through the speaker series and the PLP community service requirement.

How does PLP support its students (monetarily and otherwise)?

PLP students are full time students (12 credit hours) who receive an annual $500 scholarship for four years, pending funding and good standing with program requirements. Once in the program, PLP students are also eligible for other scholarship options, including Colorado Community Bank, FirstBank, El Pomar, and others. PLP students also receive advising from PLP staff and upper level students.

How do I apply?

The President's Leadership Program is not accepting applications for the 2015-2016 academic year. Instead all incoming freshmen are invited to declare a Leadership Studies Minor.