President's Leadership Program

History of PLP

A Note from the Director:

The President’s Leadership Program aspires to cultivate interest beyond self in future leaders. We are proud that our members and alumni exhibit this core value as they serve others through leadership and service in their communities.  Armed with leadership skills, knowledge, ethics, and compassion, our students maximize the impact of one person on their communities.  The PLP program helps students to work collaboratively and improve communities through taking multiple perspectives, utilizing inclusive leadership principles, and checking to see that their impact is indeed positive.  
Although it is not possible to track each way in which PLP students make a difference, we know that our students and alumni are out there generating change and improving their communities. In fact, we saw so much positive change associated with program graduates that a question eventually emerged: If we trained more leaders, could we do more good? Effective leaders are in short supply, and the strong flow of PLP applications suggested that the UNC community would support a larger Leadership Studies program. As a result, the program is currently in the midst of a restructuring effort that will expand leadership studies opportunities to all undergraduates and provide scholarship-based global leadership opportunities for junior and senior students. The new Leadership Studies minor will welcome its first students in Fall 2015, and the first participants in the Global Leadership program will begin their journey together in Fall 2017.
We are extremely proud of the positive work that our students and graduates have been able to effect in local and global communities thus far. We hope that the courage and successes of other Leadership Studies students will encourage and inspire you to take part in making the world a better place.

The History
PLP was started in the spring of 2000 with a generous grant from the El Pomar Foundation. John Bromley designed the program with the help of UNC’s President, Hank Brown, and served as the first Program Director. Amy Smart, a former student of Professor Bromley’s and a UNC alumnus, came on board as well to help with the administrative side of the program. The inaugural class of PLP scholars began the program in the fall of 2000.
The final PLP class began the program in the fall of 2014. As the Leadership Studies program transitions to offering a campus-wide Leadership Studies minor and the Global Leadership program, the family of Leadership Studies alumni will expand beyond the PLP program to include leadership scholars from many other disciplines and perspectives. We look forward to the opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship and action that this expansion brings!

Program Location, Structure, and Requirements
During its tenure at the University of Northern Colorado, PLP has emerged as one of the key programs in the Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership in University College. Throughout several curricular changes, leadership theory and practice have always remained at the heart of our program. In addition to core leadership courses, other program components such as community service, speaker series, internships, and study abroad experience help to provide a rich and supportive environment in which competent leaders can flourish. The PLP program is proud to provide scholarships for program members, which help to support the academic study and practice of leadership.



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