L.E.A.P. Summit 2012 - Empathy Empowered

L.E.A.P. Summit (Leaders Engaging in Action through Passion)

November 2-3, 2012

University of Northern Colorado

Embassy Suites, Loveland, Colorado

The L.E.A.P. Summit is a summit designed by the Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership in order to teach emerging leaders concepts of civic commitment. Through speakers, seminars, and interactive activities, students will develop action steps to become more involved as a leader in their community.

The Summit is available to undergraduate students affiliated with UNC.

Empathy Empowered

Empathy Empowered is the path to understanding the lives of others, in order to inspire and enable individuals to create a more connected community. The empathy empowered leader is an advocate, fueled by compassion, who hears the voice of all perspectives and takes action with those voices in mind. CLICK HERE for the biographies on the Keynote Speakers from LEAP.


There are four paths from which students can select:

  • Enterprise: Examine how empathy has been approached by businesses and organizations in how they address and define the bottom line: profit, people, and/or planet. You can learn how to create and implement innovative programs to infuse empathy into a for-profit or not-for-profit sector. CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Enterprise Path.
  • Relational Education: Discover the gap between our educational system's traditional standards and the need to teach communication, collaboration, and the importance of community. You can learn how to empower young people by teaching compassion, understanding, and empathy. CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Relational Education Path.
  • Social Justice: Explore the perspectives of others in their lived experience in order to understand how empathy opens doors to opportunities and helps break down barriers for us to become a more interconnected global community. You can become an ally and use your voice to help yourself and others be heard. CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Social Justice Path.
  • Systemic Legacy: Investigate the web of ways in which our envrionment, our government, and our culture endures the complications that arise from the interwoven systems. You can find ways to address big picture change through an empathetic lens to create a sustainable legacy. CLICK HERE for the biographies of the speakers on the Systemic Legacy Path.

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The L.E.A.P. Summit, 2011, is hosted by the University of Northern Colorado's Center for Honors, Scholars, and Leadership, with suport from Housing and Residential Education and the Office of Student Engagement.

This event is by students, for students, designed by the Summit Planning Committee and the Center for Honors, Scholars & Leadership